Look at yourself in the mirror,  

A stone-cold heart with a pretty face. 

A crappy soul covered by a classy dress. 

Seems really nice with a warm gentle embrace 

But drains all your energy in a fiery pace. 

A masterfully deviant mind equipped with all the worldly grace. 

A young, talented chameleon on the quest to make a million.  

Leading you straight to the pearly gates of purgatory. 

What you see is not what you get, another name for arbitrary. 


I can’t take this, these double standards. 

Hypocrisy at its peak, can barely stand it. 

All geared up for success at any cost, 

Claimed to have found everything you desire  

except you are the one whose lost. 

Your two-faced like the two sides of the coin. 

Make your own luck by kicking people in the groin. 

You beat the joker when it comes to that smile, 

With thoughts so indestructible even with phenyl 


Oh! what is this?  

a change, a resurgence or just the same old bloody story. 

Trust comes from truth,  

A behaviour far from uncouth. 

But with you things are always a little blurry. 

Mix up your words like a blizzard flurry. 

After all this time,  

I realize that it’s not you but me who’s a goddamn fool. 

Help, help!  

Can’t you see I’m drowning in the pool? 

Wait, why would you? 

When you were the one who pushed me there in the first place. 

This is truly the end to the bond we shared 

and here I thought you cared.