Auf wiedersehen!

Off I go to the land of unknown..

Leaving behind everything I was so familiar with.

Of packed suitcases and unpacked souls,

a godly combination of organized mess.

Wow! The unimaginable stress as I draw up a list;

Whom to meet? Whom to not?

Digging up my unfiltered memories

Of the ones who’ve shared their laughter

and the others with whom I’ve fought.


Tik, tok, tik, tok as the hands of the clock tick slower than ever

Seems like its taking longer than forever.

Phew. Finally, the day arrives.

My mind’s corrupted with unnecessary thoughts.

A million smiles greet me in the morning,

masking the unflinching tears.

As a daunting question coupled dawns upon:

‘Can I survive?’


Before I could think any further, my dad hands me a bouquet of roses.

My hero, my savior, what more could I ask for than your selfless love?

As I start to shed a tear and gulp my fear, the taxi arrives.

It’s time, the journey to the airport always seems longer than the actual one.

A heaven for final goodbyes, incomplete tears and heartfelt laughter.

My focus turns narrow, all I feel is unfiltered sorrow.


Too damn much, all at once, have no clue how to feel anymore.

The thought of crying out as loud as I possibly can to my heart’s content pass by..

The pilot makes an announcement in a bleak but sturdy voice,

Fasten your seat belts, check in your baggage,

and buckle up.

cause you’re about to experience the biggest turbulence of your entire life.

Auf Wiedersehen und viel Glück!