Camp Fire 

A reflection of the fire burning in my eyes, 

at a place where I'm surrounded by mountains touching the skies. 

Memories of lost love being etched deep inside, 

as the pain flows through my heart, I cried. 

Don't blame the bottle or the drink,

It's just me not being able to think. 


And then I hear the skies crying with that gentle drizzle. 

Ashes from the campfire starting to sizzle. 

It's like nature knows my pain now. 

I sat by that burning flame, sipping on some liquor. 

Every sip I took, I got closer to this dark river. 


But then a part of me kept staring at that fire,

having her in my arms was my only desire. 

Time took her away...

Now them memories stay grey. 

But hey,  

I'm blinded. Take the blinds off , I'm still far sighted. 

Have I been drinking too much? 

Nah. It's the tears blurring my vision. 

Memories splitting up to new ones like nuclear fission. 

I can't stop this breakdown. 

All my life I've been a great clown. 


Now my life starting to count down as I’m drowning in the dark river. 

Is my time up too? 

Or is it just too much to go through? 

The cold wind blows..

I wake up to my inner self, I froze.

Cuz I saw that same fire outside, burning inside me. 

Was it a parallel universe?  

a curse? or much worse?  


I'm not giving up now, I've lost too much. 

With dead feelings inside, I've lost touch. 

That fire burning inside gives me that warmth,

Enough to even survive the cold winds of the north. 

I can't give up now. I've come too far. 

I can't lose, I have to burn brighter than a star. 


I'm so high, sitting high up at the sky. 

Talking to me, myself and I. 

I feel so much stronger. 

Thank you camp fire, you saved me. 

I've got great respect and honour, 

Cuz you are such a great teacher. 

Who thought me to use my pain as the fuel and desires as the spark, 

Ignite it all and find my way through the dark.