It's a swipe up generation

Everyone's just looking for affiliation

To fill up their empty souls with some much-needed affection.

Wow! What a shame?

When you’re ready to do anything for just a name.


Countdown begins, is it the end of your life?

Nope, it's the end of true emotions.

For all we've become is the blunt side of the knife!


In the pursuit of achieving great success, we all lose our humanity.

Is it worth chasing a dream of pseudo happiness by sacrificing all your sloppiness?

Selfless to selfish, a gradual transition from a great whale to a shell fish.

You can become the best by ignoring the rest, staying true to yourself is the real test!


At the end of the day, all that you've gained only seems way more than you've lost.

Shambling and scrambling to make it happen, all aboard the bigger picture.

Collect your missing pieces, sew them together into a beautiful mixture.