6 months and counting,  

My body has isolated from my mind. 

They say life teaches you,  

Well said. What a kick to my hind. 

The new normal is here, 

Where there is all to fear. 

Anxiety has turned into my new deity, 

Forcing me into an inescapable reality! 

A crossbow shot straight to my heart, 

While I'm busy flooding toilet paper rolls from Walmart. 

What a disgust, in pursuit to clean my heart's growing rust. 

The arrogance of man has turned us into an old dust pan. 

Eventually to tear us apart as far as it can. 

Shifting my focus into new avenues, 

From baking to tik-tok and living life in my flip flops. 

Netflix and chill has transformed into a deadly cocaine pill! 

Boredom  has completely rotted by mind, 

A silver lining on the cloud is all that I hope to find. 

Getting caught in a moment of stupidity, 

Dragging my soul on route to true serendipity.  


6 months in, 

Or straight back to zero. 

It's time for a restart to realize my inner hero. 

I need to think and reflect, 

Analyze and re-evaluate all my defects. 

Take a step back from my life and  

a deep breath to help get me back on track. 

Dealing with my feelings and this never-ending strife. 

Hustle is the only way to pull myself out of this mess, 

Fighting for what I love, not to let down my love. 

I will survive this battle. 

My bank balance doesn’t matter,

when people’s lives are hanging in the balance. 

Struggling for a fucking meal  

and we’re all here worried about making trends. 

This is a second chance to make amends. 

Slowly fighting my demons in the dark,  

And you thought I’ll never be back. 

Think again cause there’s a brand new me  

coming from the other side of the storm.