Money, Honey!

Money ain’t my priority, I’d rather work my ass off to earn my own authority!

The lack of focus and a constant fear that's drowning me.

Judging, blaming and what the fuck will people think?

Yeah, I’m in a new place, dreaming of a simple life, I’ve grown tired of all this hiding.

All the risks and complications, so freaking hard to even explain to my closest ones.


Analyze, realize, I’ve been left with no choice.

All the sacrifices that keeps me fighting, far away from all the noise.

In the pursuit of happiness, I know I’ve come a long way but at what cost?

You don't understand me, all you do is take me for granted.

They say distance brings closure, its the package in the right enclosure.


I can’t explain, I’m tired, I’ve got no words to talk anymore.

I miss that little girl who chased her dreams and erased her fears.

You don’t know me, only ignore me. What do you think I am?

A lifeless doll you can buy in a mall? What will happen next? None of us know.

How we survive this race? I still doubt that its all but just a phase.


With these unanswered questions in my mind, the scary thoughts creeping in behind.

Can’t even feel my heart racing when my breaths escaping...

Money, money, money the only thing which can bring in the honey.

Exploitation is the game, let me play it in my own name.

Everything I touch is turning into ashes, my eyes are flickering with unsolicited flashes.

You, me or just my fucking karma, I’m done.

Whoooosh! On my way to be a monk and find some much needed dharma.