Stop Taking Advice From "Bros"

Hey Bro!

Seems pretty normal right? A common way of addressing someone. Someone you know or may want to know more about. It's also a get out of jail card if you've happen to forget a name, which in my opinion is the second most embarrassing thing ever.

That brings me to the most embarrassing thing ever. As annoying as hearing the word "Bro!" slowly crawl into your eardrums and leech its way towards your ever busy brain, there is something much more concerning about the entire "Bro culture" which has taken over our lives.

You want a favour: you ask a bro,

You want a ride: you call a bro,

You want to chill out: you call a bro,

You want to study abroad: you ask a bro whose been there and done it,

You want an opinion on something, minor or major: ask your bro!

See the pattern here?  Does not take a fucking genius to wrap his head around right? For as intricate as your life may appear to be, what you fail to realize is some of the key decisions of your own life are not even made by you!

Voila! Hit the nail in the head? So much for "I made it on my own". The crux of the matter here is that you claim or blindly think that You've made it on your own, well my friend, Have you? Do you really think so?

Don't get me wrong, I myself have made some pretty good bros along my way ;)